The following tuition breakdown for 2018/2019 is based on a daily price for 234 school days in a 12 month year (August 1, 2018-July 31, 2019), which are divided evenly into twelve monthly payments. A $100 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Blooming Minds is officially closed (indicated in red on the annual calendar) for 19 days during the 12-month year. In addition, Blooming Minds will have school breaks (indicated in yellow on the annual
calendar). Childcare will be available during the 8 break days for an additional $25 per day ($20 for siblings) if parents sign up in advance.

BMM has figured out tuition by multiplying the daily price by the 234 school days (this does not count closed days) and dividing it by 12 months- so you are not charged for the days we are closed.

Payments are due the 1st and late after the 15th.

Annual fees include $100 material for Sunflower’s, Wildflower’s, Daffodil’s and $75 for Dandelion’s & Daisies and $50 activity for all classes – these are owed every school year.

BMM Tuition

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