Blooming Minds breaks tuition down by multiplying the daily rate by the total amount of school days (subtracting our closed days) and divides that into twelve equal monthly payments. BMM is completely closed for 19 days throughout the 12-month year (listed in red on the annual calendar). We are also closed for summer break, fall break, Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break but offer childcare (listed in green on the annual calendar) for 11 days. Childcare days cost $25 per day ($20 for siblings) and parents can sign up in advanced for this service. Both closed and childcare days are subtracted out of the monthly tuition, so you are not charged for the days Blooming Minds is closed.

Payments are due the 1st and late after the 15th.

We accept automatic withdrawal, cash, & check with no fee and Visa or MasterCard & online payments with a 2% processing fee.

Blooming Minds Montessori Riverton Utah yearly tuition

Open For Tours!

We're happy to take you on a tour of our award winning Montessori. Just give us a call or send us an email to schedule a walking tour with one of our directors.

Maegan Brems - Program Director
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Jessie Bailey - Assistant Director
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