This is the 5th daycare we have taken our son to (with moves) and this has been the best experience! Since our big move we were at two daycares that were not the best but we are so happy with blooming minds. They have a real curriculum for even our infant and I see learning take place every day. It's clean and safe and the teachers are great to work with. They also do a great job with daily reports so you always know how their day have been! 

- M. C.

Blooming Minds Montessori is the best! The directors and teachers are wonderful, caring, and so thoughtful. I am rest assured that my children are in the best hands when I drop them off at school (usually it is difficult for me to pick them up because they are having so much fun at school)! We chose BMM because we wanted a small school where our children would feel close to all of the employees and we made the right choice. All of the teachers know our children and greet them everyday with a smile. The facility is very clean, and thoughtfully put together with little ones in mind. Thank you for being the BEST!


My son has gone here for two years of preschool. We LOVE it here! The teachers put in so much exceptional effort to make sure the kids have an educational and enjoyable time. My son is ALWAYS so happy and talkative when I pick him up at the end of the school day, and he has learned so much! He's made great friends and has excelled in all subjects. It's very clean and organized and the lead preschool teacher is amazing!



I absolutely adore Blooming minds! My kids have been going here for over a year and I can only say good things about the school. I was surprised at first that the director was so young, but Maegan is extremely professional, qualified, and passionate about education. This is a true montessori school; the teachers all understand the methodology and they put the principles into practice with all of the "works" the kids do. As someone with a background in education, this was very important to me. Unexpectedly, one of my favorite things is the intimate atmosphere of the school. These teachers really know my kids and love them. It's so easy to discuss any concerns I've had with my kids because the teachers are well aware of my kids' learning styles and difficulties. The teachers have helped us through potty training, using words to communicate, learning letters, and encouraging art. They are all fabulous. I have three kids that have gone to Blooming minds and they all love it!


LOVE BMM!  I started my little newborn at 8 weeks old and now at 4 months she nearly jumps out of my arms every morning with smiles when she see's her teacher.  I know my baby is being taken care of here by the most loving group of teachers I've ever had for any of my kids.  They send home a daily report that is always current with her diaper changes, feedings and anything else to report.  They also send me a daily photo of my little lady that is captioned.  I can't think of anywhere else I would rather take my baby.  Thanks BMM! -E.L.

We recently switched to Blooming Minds. We had been going to a different daycare since my daughter was 6 weeks old (she’s now almost 4). She started having some anxiety and would dread going to daycare. We decided to switch, and it was the best decision! My daughter now asks ME if it’s a “preschool day” and is disappointed when it’s not. She has learned so much! We also have been very impressed with the infant care for our son. We recently moved and will continue the commute for the extraordinary care my kids receive!
— L.M.

I absolutely love the care my daughter receives at Blooming Minds! She amazes me everyday with the words she says, the songs she sings along to and the sign language she already knows. I feel like my daughter has learned a tremendous amount for only being one year old. I always get a report letting me know what went on during the day. I can say I have 100% trust that my daughter is getting the best care possible. The school is always clean and inviting and the management and teachers are always nice and happy to see us. I would recommend Blooming Minds to anyone looking for outstanding, educational childcare. 


1 year ago today, I made one of the best decisions I've ever made for my daughter. Since day one she's been welcomed with open arms. My daughter loves her teachers and school friends so much that she talks about them over the weekend. She's built a special bond with her teachers, that as a mother I cherish. It's important knowing that she's being taken care of 8 hours of the day and I've never had to question that! My daughter has grown like a wildflower and she's so bright and intelligent. Blooming Minds Montessori is hands down the best school out there! Thank you for everything you have done and taught her, I'm forever grateful!


Love, love, love how much my daughter has learned since starting BMM only a few months ago. Chinese songs, sign language, and developing fine motor skills are only a few of the positives at this school. Routine, and organization is also apparent here because my daughter loves to act out (role play) or retell things from her day. I love the Montessori ways of this school. Having my daughter be independent is key for me, and I have no worry that my daughter isn't being encouraged to be that in a very caring and fostering way. Although, it is in her blood thanks to me, haha. Regardless, I just want to add that this school is worth your child's educational experience and developmental well-being. Take it from someone who used to work at a school/daycare in the local area and saw VERY displeasing and heartbreaking things. BMM has gained, and earned my trust!!! This place is a school, not a daycare because they go above and beyond just watching your child.