Happy New Year!

This is the start of our second full week in the New Year, and it has been great! All of our classes are settling nicely after the long break and we are in full swing of learning. Work time in all of the classes has been going smoothly with our friends being engaged in their activities. We asked each of our lead teachers what goals they have for the New Year through the rest of the school year in their classes.


In the Sunflowers class, Ms. Megan hopes for more peace, self-awareness, and respect. These are things that each class focuses on and are a great foundation for a peaceful Montessori classroom. Our Sunflowers are always excited to learn during work time and have the freedom to roam about the classroom as they feel they need. Encouraging a peaceful atmosphere during this time helps them reach a peak in focus and understanding. Ms. Morgan, the Wildflowers lead teacher, hopes for the same things in her busy group of friends, as well as her friends being potty trained, being more independent, and following directions.

In our Daffodils class, Ms. Heather also hopes for more respect with one another, sharing, and appropriately expressing feelings to each other. She and her co-teacher, Ms. Julie, work hard to help their young friends navigate and work through their emotions—something that can be challenging at times! But they do a wonderful job at it. As for our Dandelions, Ms. Hanah hopes for more independence in doing day-to-day things such as putting clothes on, feeding themselves with utensils, and washing their own hands. Our Dandelions class is a fun little bunch with lots of energy and love to do things on their own!


Ms. Maria, our Daisies lead teacher, is working on baby sign language and independence for our tiny friends. The infants can have independence by holding their own bottles, rolling over, feeding themselves snacks like puffs or veggie straws, and learning to crawl to get to what they want!

We are so excited for this New Year and hope the best of 2019 for all of you!