Welcome to the Daisies' Class!


This week we will be peeking into our infant class, the Daisies! Our especially little friends are ever growing and learning each day! The age range for this class is 6 weeks to 12 months. Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko are the teachers in this class, and they truly enjoy and love their little students!

This class in particular is very special, because the very basic fundamentals are developed here. Some things that are very focused on are developing and refining their movements and senses. There is a lot of floor-play, meaning our friends are often on the floor exploring their bodies and surroundings. There are a couple shelves in this classroom with some works for them to look at and touch to train all 5 of their senses and to master the use of their hands. Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko also have a circle time, like the rest of our classes, to help their language and social skills develop. They also do lessons to show friends how to do works, such as taking a wallet out of a purse or shaking a maraca!


“The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator.”
-Maria Montessori

Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko are so peaceful and loving as these little start to figure out their independence. As young as these friends are, independence is still encouraged in small ways like holding their own bottles. Also, as they progress in the class, they begin to feed themselves snacks, like veggie straws or puffs. Our baby friends also often start learning to crawl and move around on their own in this class. These littles are such special additions to our school. We love watching them grow!