Summer Camp Weeks 7-11

Wow, this summer flew by! We were so busy and had so much fun during the last half of our summer camp! We had more visitors, water days, and field days! Here are some highlights from the last half of summer!


Camp Rotation days are always a crowd favorite!  Our teachers are in charge of specific activities and we rotate around the school. We had a few towards the end of the summer. One that seemed to excite our friends a lot was the Fiesta day! Everyone was very excited for it. Our friends all made a cute cactus craft, hit a piñata, and played some fun games outside! We also had nachos for a special snack while we watched the movie Coco, which is a favorite!


Another Camp Rotation day we had was a Luau! A lot of our friends came to school dressed in Hawaiian prints and we had a blast! We made lei's, watched Lilo and Stitch (throwback much?) with a yummy snack, went bowling for the "Kakamora" (from Moana), and played some fun Luau games outside! 

Now, one of the favorite activities each summer is when we have a bounce house come to school! Our older friends always ask when it is happening throughout the summer and get pumped for it! This year was no exception! All of the teachers and friends had a blast this year. We seriously love watching the kids have a great time. We got some action shots of some of our brave friends that went down the water slide as well!

We ended the summer with one last camp rotation day, Woods Adventure! Our teachers put a lot of thought into this rotation, as well as all the others! We watched A Bugs Life (another throwback!) and ate s'mores, made campfires with our hand-prints, went fishing for ducks at our playground, and played in some tents and sang camp songs! It was the perfect way to end our summer camp program. We loved spending the summer with our friends. It was a summer to remember and we are thrilled to be starting our new school year! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did!