Week 1 of Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp has kicked off to a great start! Our friends are adjusting well to their new classes, and are making new friends. We have loved watching them interact and get to know with one another. This week was full of fun activities and even included interactions with many little animals! 

On Monday, we had our Field Day! All the kids loved our camp activities in our field. We had spoon & egg relay races and played other fun games like duck, duck, goose. Our friends love to be outside and to be able to run and play! They enjoyed the extra time outside and had so much fun!

Tuesday, we had our first Water Day of the summer! These particular days are a favorite for many of our friends. There were a few pools and toys set up outside for some water fun! Our friends loved to cool off in the water and splash and play! 


Next week's schedule will be the following:

Monday: Regular School Day
Tuesday: Color Festival! (please bring clothes that can get dirty)
Wednesday: Water Day (please bring swimsuit, towel, and swim diapers if needed)
Thursday: Field Day
Friday: Regular School Day




Because Wednesday was a regular school day, we continued the fun on Thursday. We had some little furry/feathery visitors come visit! There was a petting zoo set up on the playground with pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and a little sheep. The friends were enthralled by them and loved holding the animals. We also had a pony ride that was very exciting for the kids. 

Friday we watched the movie, Ferdinand. We had a popcorn machine brought to school and had some yummy popcorn while we watched the movie in our pajamas! It was fun to see all the kids get excited for the popcorn machine, and how the light inside it changes colors! 

We are so excited for what the rest of the summer will bring!