St. Patrick's Day!

Because St. Patrick’s Day was on a Sunday this year, we celebrated the day last Friday, the 15th!

All of our friends came in to school so excited for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We were all wearing green and were buzzing with anticipation of finally catching a leprechaun! We started off the day with a puppet show, which is a favorite around here! Everyone loves it when the Puppet Players come to visit! After the show, each class had a party with treats, activities and games, and an art project!

The most exciting part about this holiday at Blooming Minds is making a trap to catch the leprechaun that visits us every year! All of our classes came up with a way to trap him, and then went outside to try to find him before he finds them. But after no luck, they returned to their classrooms to find it ransacked and footprints all over! All of our friends were so shocked to see their classrooms in disarray and a big mess! They weren’t able to catch that mischievous leprechaun, but at least he left a trail of treats to a pile of gold in their classrooms!

World Explorers! 2019 Summer Program

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.32.29 PM.png

In light of our re-enrollment period here at BMM, we wanted to announce and elaborate on our theme for this year’s summer program! This year our theme is World Explorers!

With “passports” in hand, children will “travel” to a different country or culture each week, collecting passport stamps as they go. Children will explore each culture learning about the language, cuisine, art, culture, customs, and celebrations that make each nation unique and beautiful! Our Summer Camp will help children develop social, emotional, and cognitive confidence while having fun. Children will participate in the following age-appropriate classroom and outdoor activities! Such activities will include:

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.37.48 PM.png
  • Sports and movement

  • Dance, music, and drama

  • Arts and crafts

  • Cooking

  • Science and construction

  • Nature study

  • Water play

  • Special Visitors

All of these activities are going to keep our friends busy and engaged in one of the Montessori’s five key learning areas. All of our teachers are so excited to learn about these places along with them! We are so excited to celebrate the following:

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 10.44.02 AM.png

We know that this summer program will greatly contribute to our friends’ development. Learning about different cultures and ways of life in other areas of the world can encourage acceptance and respect towards those who are different from us. One of the most integral parts of Maria Montessori’s vision is peacefulness , and it could be argued that the more we know about other cultures and ways of living, the more peaceful we will be towards people who live differently than we do. All of us at BMM are ready and excited for this journey! Bon Voyage!


Sickness Prevention at School

It has been quite a whirlwind of a month for us at Blooming Minds! Unfortunately a lot of our friends came down with some sicknesses going around. We have been very diligent at sanitizing and keeping our school germ free, but we also know that we can only do so much! We wanted to touch on a few things to help keep our friends safe from sicknesses at school and at home.

Montessori is all about choices and independence. We encourage this in each of our classes and our friends are thriving in the environment! The teachers at BMM have talked to our friends about our health and how sometimes we can spread germs to others, but we can choose to stay clean and be respectful towards others to minimize that. Some things we have implemented at school and encourage to be done at home are the following:

  • Washing Hands Frequently: This is the best way to ensure germs aren’t being spread in our classrooms. We always have friends wash their hands after using the bathroom, at the very least use hand sanitizer before each snack, and wash with soap and water before lunch. We are also encouraging friends to wash their hands after blowing noses or sneezing.

  • Keeping Items/Hands Out of Mouths: Something that can be a little challenging, especially with our younger friends, is keeping our toys and works out of mouths. Our teachers at BMM are always watching for it and helping friends remember to not put them in our mouths. We have discussed as a team to sanitize these items as soon as we see it to help minimize the spreading of germs. We also remind our friends that our hands don’t belong in our mouths, and have them wash when we notice it.

  • Sanitizing Often: We do a deep sanitizing of everything in our classrooms once a week, with cleaning and sanitizing daily used items each day. Keeping our environments clean and sanitized is important so germs aren’t lingering and waiting for someone else to catch.

With a new month underway and our work towards keeping our school safe for our students, we encourage parents to do these things at home as well! We are all so excited for spring to come and to get rid of this winter!

Happy Valentines Day!

Today has the school buzzing with excitement! We had our Valentines day parties! All of our friends came to school today eager to hand out Valentines and have some yummy treats! Each class got to decorate cookies, made a craft, played some games, and exchanged Valentines. It was so fun to watch them talk about the things and people they love. They all definitely got the hook up with treats in their boxes!! Check out the photos!

Work Time


Our Montessori work time is a busy time at BMM. All of our classes have this time for their friends to explore their classrooms and the works on the shelves. The uninterrupted work time is designed for them to be able to learn independently and grasp concepts and ideas on their own. Our teachers are always there as guides (to give lessons or redirect) but are otherwise out of the way so their friends can exercise their independence.


Each classroom is designed and prepared to be an environment open for the kids to explore. There isn’t much that they can’t touch and inquire into. They have options of choosing a work and sitting at a table or using a rug on the floor for their workspace. Our teachers at BMM are great at having a variety of works to do and each child is busy with something of their choosing. The uninterrupted work time allows for children to increase their independence and strengthen their abilities to focus.

We have a few categories or sections of works in each classroom: language, math, cultural studies, practical life, and sensorial. We also have an art section for friends to have a place to use their creativity. Each of these categories are designed to assist the child in learning about specific topics at an age appropriate progression. It is always so fun to see the friends choosing things they are interested in and watching them learn as they figure their work out.


Here at BMM, we love our work time! We switch out themed works each month with correlating holidays that are coming up. All of our friends are always excited to see new works on the shelves as we cycle through them throughout the year. We encourage parents to ask their children what they did at school each day, and which works they did during work time!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We had a 3 day break this past weekend to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. day. We wanted to take a moment on here to honor his legacy of acceptance and equality for all.

Our Sunflowers class especially talked about how Dr. King wanted everyone to have the same rights, no matter what they looked like. Ms. Megan and Ms. Tabbi talked about how we have rights here at school too. They explained what a “right” is and gave examples, such as a right to learn and grow in their classroom, a right to eat their lunch inside, and a right to go to the bathroom. They explained to their friends that like they have their rights at school, Dr. King was an advocate for the rights of everyone in our country to be able to all do the same things, no matter who they are or what they look like. All of the friends in the Sunflowers class were engaged and very attentive to the conversation! They all agreed that being different, in whatever way, does not take away from how special they are and what they can contribute and accomplish in their lives.

He was a great advocate for peace between all. May we remember his legacy and example.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy New Year!

This is the start of our second full week in the New Year, and it has been great! All of our classes are settling nicely after the long break and we are in full swing of learning. Work time in all of the classes has been going smoothly with our friends being engaged in their activities. We asked each of our lead teachers what goals they have for the New Year through the rest of the school year in their classes.


In the Sunflowers class, Ms. Megan hopes for more peace, self-awareness, and respect. These are things that each class focuses on and are a great foundation for a peaceful Montessori classroom. Our Sunflowers are always excited to learn during work time and have the freedom to roam about the classroom as they feel they need. Encouraging a peaceful atmosphere during this time helps them reach a peak in focus and understanding. Ms. Morgan, the Wildflowers lead teacher, hopes for the same things in her busy group of friends, as well as her friends being potty trained, being more independent, and following directions.

In our Daffodils class, Ms. Heather also hopes for more respect with one another, sharing, and appropriately expressing feelings to each other. She and her co-teacher, Ms. Julie, work hard to help their young friends navigate and work through their emotions—something that can be challenging at times! But they do a wonderful job at it. As for our Dandelions, Ms. Hanah hopes for more independence in doing day-to-day things such as putting clothes on, feeding themselves with utensils, and washing their own hands. Our Dandelions class is a fun little bunch with lots of energy and love to do things on their own!


Ms. Maria, our Daisies lead teacher, is working on baby sign language and independence for our tiny friends. The infants can have independence by holding their own bottles, rolling over, feeding themselves snacks like puffs or veggie straws, and learning to crawl to get to what they want!

We are so excited for this New Year and hope the best of 2019 for all of you!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Happy New Year from all of us at BMM! But before we talk about what fun is in store for our school this year, let’s highlight our Christmas parties and program!

Christmas parties are a big favorite at Blooming Minds! All of our teachers planned some fun activities and treats for our kids to enjoy. There was cookie decorating, gingerbread houses, painting, Christmas movies, and more! The school was buzzing with excitement about Christmas and our program that night.

Our 2018 Christmas program was a hit! We decided to go with the theme “Mele Kalikimaka”. All of our friends prepared for almost a whole month to be ready to perform. They were so excited for the program and counted down the days! Each class had a few songs to sing and dance to, and even wore grass skirts and lei’s. The program took us to the beautiful island of Hawaii for a couple hours, and it was so fun! Check out some of the photos we snapped from that fun day!

Thanksgiving Feasts!

The holidays are an especially fun time at Blooming Minds! For Thanksgiving, each class has a party and Thanksgiving feast! It is so fun seeing all of our friends enjoy this season of giving thanks and giving to others, which is all part of the Montessori culture. We focus a lot on having a sense of thankfulness and community in our school, so this is a great time of year to emphasize it with our friends. Each class discussed what they are thankful for, and the Sunflowers class made a turkey with pinned feathers with each child’s answers. The feast is always a favorite, because our littles get to enjoy a little Thanksgiving fun with their friends! Here are some photos of our friends enjoying their feasts!

International Day of Peace


As we continue through this school year, we are excited to observe the International Day of Peace! As stated in the first post of the new school year, we have been focusing on the concept of peace in each of our classrooms. This can come with challenges, as some of our friends are very young, however our teachers are very patient and loving as these concepts are established into our classrooms!

Having inner and outer peace (being peaceful with others) is central to Maria Montessori’s vision of education. When one has peace within themselves, they are peaceful outwardly towards others. This is why we have peace areas and promote a calm atmosphere in our classrooms. It is important for children to learn to identify emotions that are felt and communicate them in an effective way. As our friends learn more about how to be peaceful with others, they exhibit traits such as grace and courtesy. Grace and courtesy go hand in hand, as they relate to how we treat others and our classroom. As these three traits are taught and demonstrated, the child will have better control of themselves, which sets a calm ambience around the classroom.


As we commemorated Peace Day, our friends sang a rehearsed song with the following lyrics:

“I've got peace, love and joy like a river
I've got peace, love and joy like a river
I've got peace, love and joy like a river
In my soul..”

After we finished the song, Ms. Megan, our lead Sunflowers teacher, read a book about how taking deep breaths helps us stay calm and peaceful inside. We talked about how being peaceful can change the world. We then took our pinwheels outside and watched the wind spin them. Our friends were so excited to put them in the ground and watch them go.

“Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.”
-Maria Montessori

We hope everyone has had a wonderful International Peace Day and that peace can be found and accomplished throughout the world!


Welcome to the Daisies' Class!


This week we will be peeking into our infant class, the Daisies! Our especially little friends are ever growing and learning each day! The age range for this class is 6 weeks to 12 months. Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko are the teachers in this class, and they truly enjoy and love their little students!

This class in particular is very special, because the very basic fundamentals are developed here. Some things that are very focused on are developing and refining their movements and senses. There is a lot of floor-play, meaning our friends are often on the floor exploring their bodies and surroundings. There are a couple shelves in this classroom with some works for them to look at and touch to train all 5 of their senses and to master the use of their hands. Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko also have a circle time, like the rest of our classes, to help their language and social skills develop. They also do lessons to show friends how to do works, such as taking a wallet out of a purse or shaking a maraca!


“The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator.”
-Maria Montessori

Ms. Maria and Ms. Yoko are so peaceful and loving as these little start to figure out their independence. As young as these friends are, independence is still encouraged in small ways like holding their own bottles. Also, as they progress in the class, they begin to feed themselves snacks, like veggie straws or puffs. Our baby friends also often start learning to crawl and move around on their own in this class. These littles are such special additions to our school. We love watching them grow!

Welcome to the Dandelion's Class!

Over the next few weeks, we will be giving everyone a look into each of our classes! This week, we are highlighting our little Dandelions! The age range for this class is 12 to 18 months. Our teachers in this class are Ms. Whitney and Ms. Hanah. They love their jobs and spending their days with these adorable little ones! 

Some fundamentals that are really focused on in this class is communicating wants and needs, as well as preparing for future, more fast paced classes. Ms. Whitney and Ms. Hanah talk about and show them signs like "more", "please", "thank you", and "all done". This is great starting ground to establish communication between friends and teachers!


Another concept that helps these friends prepare for future classes are transitions. They aren't always the easiest for these little ones, but Ms. Whitney and Ms. Hanah are very patient and help guide them through their emotions during the transitions. Keeping a schedule and having the focus to do the planned activities throughout the day is a goal for the teachers over the course of the next few months. Routine and consistency is very important for these friends, and with school still just starting a couple weeks ago, establishing these routines is key!


Another goal Ms. Whitney and Ms. Hanah have for this class is independence. The Montessori method of teaching is very encouraging of independence and making choices. Work time is a prime example for this concept. These friends are learning how work time goes, by choosing a work they would like to do from the shelf, take it to a rug, and performing the work. By going through these motions, these little friends are beginning to see that they have the ability to choose for themselves, and it is always so fun to see what they decide they want to do! Once these concepts become more familiar, the teachers will emphasize more on being responsible for their choices (ie: cleaning up the work and putting it back on the shelf).

"If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence."
-Maria Montessori 

Our Dandelions are so full of energy and ready to explore! Ms. Whitney and Ms. Hanah do a magnificent job in preparing the environment for their friends and helping them feel loved and welcomed in the classroom. Our friends are ever learning social skills together and have become very close! We so look forward to watching them continue to learn and grow throughout their time here at Blooming Minds!

Our First Week of School!

Now that summer is over, it's back to school we go! We are very excited for the 2018-2019 school year. We have some fun plans and traditions here at Blooming Minds this school year!  

For this first week, our friends are adjusting back into our school year routine, but it is going pretty smoothly! We have seen some great, peaceful work-times during this week. Peace is a main theme we are setting for these first few months of the year. We re-vamped our Peace Areas and filled them with many peace items, photos of yoga poses and Maria Montessori, pillows, and lamps!  A big part of the Montessori teaching method is encouraging peacefulness in the self as well as the classroom. If a friend is upset or needs some space, we suggest spending some time in the peace area to calm their bodies and refresh their emotions. 

"Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child." 
-Maria Montessori

We are excited for what this school year will hold. And we are even more excited to see our friends learn and grow!  

Summer Camp Weeks 7-11

Wow, this summer flew by! We were so busy and had so much fun during the last half of our summer camp! We had more visitors, water days, and field days! Here are some highlights from the last half of summer!


Camp Rotation days are always a crowd favorite!  Our teachers are in charge of specific activities and we rotate around the school. We had a few towards the end of the summer. One that seemed to excite our friends a lot was the Fiesta day! Everyone was very excited for it. Our friends all made a cute cactus craft, hit a piñata, and played some fun games outside! We also had nachos for a special snack while we watched the movie Coco, which is a favorite!


Another Camp Rotation day we had was a Luau! A lot of our friends came to school dressed in Hawaiian prints and we had a blast! We made lei's, watched Lilo and Stitch (throwback much?) with a yummy snack, went bowling for the "Kakamora" (from Moana), and played some fun Luau games outside! 

Now, one of the favorite activities each summer is when we have a bounce house come to school! Our older friends always ask when it is happening throughout the summer and get pumped for it! This year was no exception! All of the teachers and friends had a blast this year. We seriously love watching the kids have a great time. We got some action shots of some of our brave friends that went down the water slide as well!

We ended the summer with one last camp rotation day, Woods Adventure! Our teachers put a lot of thought into this rotation, as well as all the others! We watched A Bugs Life (another throwback!) and ate s'mores, made campfires with our hand-prints, went fishing for ducks at our playground, and played in some tents and sang camp songs! It was the perfect way to end our summer camp program. We loved spending the summer with our friends. It was a summer to remember and we are thrilled to be starting our new school year! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did!

Summer Camp 2018 Weeks 2-6

It has been a busy few weeks over here at Blooming Minds! We hit the ground running for our summer camp last month. So far, we have had a couple visitors as well as water days, field days, and movie days each week! Here are some highlights from these last few weeks...

During the second week of camp, we had our Color Festival! We had fun rotating through the school, with different activities such as throwing paint filled water balloons and canvases, tie-dying shirts, and having a dance party with glow-sticks. We also had a chalk war where we brought out buckets of powdered chalk and threw it up in the air. Fun was had all around! Our friends loved every second of it!  (Click to see all photos)


During week 3 of summer camp, we had the Drum Bus come for a visit! The kids had so much fun playing the drums and making lots of noise! We loved watching them learn about how to beat a drum and make beats together. 

We've had many water days, where our friends can swim in some pools and jump on a blob on our playground! They always come to school so excited and ready to get some water time. A favorite is to put our little slide in one of the pools so they can have a little water slide. The kids love to splash and play and enjoy some sunshine. 


We have also had fun with field day these last few weeks, where our friends can play field games like tug-of-war and soccer! One activity in particular that our friends loved was fishing for ducks in a small pool! Our older friends love games like red rover and kick ball. Having outside time is so fun for the kids; they love to be outside! 

We had another fun camp day, Superhero Day! All of our friends loved dressing up as their favorite super heroes and showing off their capes and little masks. We seriously loved watching them be so excited about it. We had another rotation day, where our friends got be Spiderman with some silly string, go through a laser course and play a bean bag toss on our playground, and made some colorful slime! We also watched the Incredibles and ate a yummy snack. It's safe to say this was a favorite activity so far this summer.

Just last week, we had some very interesting visitors came for a couple hours. Scales and Tails came and brought a couple tortoises, snakes, and a big lizard! Our friends were a lot more brave than even some of our teachers! We got to pet the baby and daddy tortoise and learned about the differences between tortoises and turtles. We also got to hold two snakes. One of them we even got to wear as a necklace! We also met a blue tongued skink lizard. Our friends were so interested and eager to meet these reptiles. We loved learning about each animal, and how they survive in the wild. We were also very impressed with how brave our friends were, and we all learned that these reptiles really aren't that scary! (Click to see all photos)

As you can see, we have been pretty busy this summer! We have about 4 weeks left of summer camp. It's been flying by, but we are definitely making the most of our time over here! 

Week 1 of Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp has kicked off to a great start! Our friends are adjusting well to their new classes, and are making new friends. We have loved watching them interact and get to know with one another. This week was full of fun activities and even included interactions with many little animals! 

On Monday, we had our Field Day! All the kids loved our camp activities in our field. We had spoon & egg relay races and played other fun games like duck, duck, goose. Our friends love to be outside and to be able to run and play! They enjoyed the extra time outside and had so much fun!

Tuesday, we had our first Water Day of the summer! These particular days are a favorite for many of our friends. There were a few pools and toys set up outside for some water fun! Our friends loved to cool off in the water and splash and play! 


Next week's schedule will be the following:

Monday: Regular School Day
Tuesday: Color Festival! (please bring clothes that can get dirty)
Wednesday: Water Day (please bring swimsuit, towel, and swim diapers if needed)
Thursday: Field Day
Friday: Regular School Day




Because Wednesday was a regular school day, we continued the fun on Thursday. We had some little furry/feathery visitors come visit! There was a petting zoo set up on the playground with pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and a little sheep. The friends were enthralled by them and loved holding the animals. We also had a pony ride that was very exciting for the kids. 

Friday we watched the movie, Ferdinand. We had a popcorn machine brought to school and had some yummy popcorn while we watched the movie in our pajamas! It was fun to see all the kids get excited for the popcorn machine, and how the light inside it changes colors! 

We are so excited for what the rest of the summer will bring! 

Summer Camp Weeks 4-6!

We have been super busy having the best summer over here at BMM! 

Week 4 Theme- "Bolt"

The Dazzle Dogzz (Pocahontas, Zuni, Sundance, and Apache) came to show us their amazing tricks for week 4. The dogs played tether ball, did Frisbee tricks, jumped high and over obstacles, played "Jack in the Box", had a golf game, shot some hoops, and even showed us that they know how to recycle. The kids were completely mesmerized by the dogs and even got to go up and pet them after the show. We watched "Bolt" and made our own dog crafts during Ms. Kayla's art class.  

This week was also the last week for 2 of our friends who moved to California. They were so thoughtful and brought us pizza so we could have a pizza party on their last day. 

Week 5 Theme- "Princess and the Frog"

We had a break for Independence Day so it was a short week but it was fun filled! Paul Brewer from Utah Magic came to perform a magic show. He was so funny and even turned a stuffed animal bunny into a real bunny! We also had Riverton City's firemen from station 124 come this week. The firemen taught us not to be scared of them, about their job, and how to "stop, drop, and roll". We even got to go inside of their firetruck! Water day was also a huge hit this week. 


Week 6 Theme- "Inside Out"

Part of your World Princess Parties is absolutely amazing and have been visiting BMM's summer camps since we opened. This week they brought us "Joy" from the movie "Inside Out". She taught us all about our emotions through a fun & interactive story, play her ukulele while singing and dancing with us, and even let us ride in her wagon "Bing Bong". The friends loved watching "Inside Out" while enjoying popcorn, making a Joy craft, and learning about all of Joy's friends (Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust).    

Summer Camp Weeks 1-3!

Our "Magical Kingdom" Summer Camp has been a blast so far!

For the first week our theme was "Home on the Range" and Ivie Acre Farm brought their petting zoo to BMM! The kids got to spend time with baby goats, lambs, mini pigs, ducks, geese, bunnies, and even got to ride a pony. We watched the movie "Home on the Range" and did some fun farm animal art projects. 

Our theme for the second week was "Brave" and Merida came to visit. Merida told a story about going on a bear hunt, let us shoot her bow and arrow, and sang some songs and danced around with us. We watched the movie "Brave" and made a special arrow craft. 

This week has been all about vehicles! The theme is "Cars" and it has been a hit! We watched the movie "Cars" yesterday and today we got to paint with matchbox cars. We also have the Unified Fire Department coming to show off their fire truck and teach us about what firemen do. 

Next week's theme is "Bolt" and we are super excited for the dog show on Friday. 

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Wow, we sure have an amazing community! BMM raised $500 from parents to put together an awesome week for our teachers. We are so humbled to see how many parents donated to the TAW jar- it really shows how much our teacher's are loved and appreciated. Ms. Morgan, our aftercare director, put together a gift for each teacher each day last week! Here are the gift they recieved: 

  • Monday- Chick-Fil-A Catered Lunch
  • Tuesday- "You're a scent-sational teacher!" gift with a candle & treats
  • Wednesday- "Mani thanks for for a toe-totally awesome school year!" gift with nail polish and a manicure set
  • Thursday- "It's so refreshing to have a great teacher like you!" gift with a tumbler, treats, and a Swig giftcard
  • Friday- "Hands down you're the best teacher around!" gift with hand soap and a bath bomb    
  • Everyone also got 2 cute BMM shirts 

A million thanks to all of the awesome parents to make this all possible!! We are blessed to have the best teachers around :)