Summer Camp 2018 Weeks 2-6

It has been a busy few weeks over here at Blooming Minds! We hit the ground running for our summer camp last month. So far, we have had a couple visitors as well as water days, field days, and movie days each week! Here are some highlights from these last few weeks...

During the second week of camp, we had our Color Festival! We had fun rotating through the school, with different activities such as throwing paint filled water balloons and canvases, tie-dying shirts, and having a dance party with glow-sticks. We also had a chalk war where we brought out buckets of powdered chalk and threw it up in the air. Fun was had all around! Our friends loved every second of it!  (Click to see all photos)


During week 3 of summer camp, we had the Drum Bus come for a visit! The kids had so much fun playing the drums and making lots of noise! We loved watching them learn about how to beat a drum and make beats together. 

We've had many water days, where our friends can swim in some pools and jump on a blob on our playground! They always come to school so excited and ready to get some water time. A favorite is to put our little slide in one of the pools so they can have a little water slide. The kids love to splash and play and enjoy some sunshine. 


We have also had fun with field day these last few weeks, where our friends can play field games like tug-of-war and soccer! One activity in particular that our friends loved was fishing for ducks in a small pool! Our older friends love games like red rover and kick ball. Having outside time is so fun for the kids; they love to be outside! 

We had another fun camp day, Superhero Day! All of our friends loved dressing up as their favorite super heroes and showing off their capes and little masks. We seriously loved watching them be so excited about it. We had another rotation day, where our friends got be Spiderman with some silly string, go through a laser course and play a bean bag toss on our playground, and made some colorful slime! We also watched the Incredibles and ate a yummy snack. It's safe to say this was a favorite activity so far this summer.

Just last week, we had some very interesting visitors came for a couple hours. Scales and Tails came and brought a couple tortoises, snakes, and a big lizard! Our friends were a lot more brave than even some of our teachers! We got to pet the baby and daddy tortoise and learned about the differences between tortoises and turtles. We also got to hold two snakes. One of them we even got to wear as a necklace! We also met a blue tongued skink lizard. Our friends were so interested and eager to meet these reptiles. We loved learning about each animal, and how they survive in the wild. We were also very impressed with how brave our friends were, and we all learned that these reptiles really aren't that scary! (Click to see all photos)

As you can see, we have been pretty busy this summer! We have about 4 weeks left of summer camp. It's been flying by, but we are definitely making the most of our time over here! 

Week 1 of Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp has kicked off to a great start! Our friends are adjusting well to their new classes, and are making new friends. We have loved watching them interact and get to know with one another. This week was full of fun activities and even included interactions with many little animals! 

On Monday, we had our Field Day! All the kids loved our camp activities in our field. We had spoon & egg relay races and played other fun games like duck, duck, goose. Our friends love to be outside and to be able to run and play! They enjoyed the extra time outside and had so much fun!

Tuesday, we had our first Water Day of the summer! These particular days are a favorite for many of our friends. There were a few pools and toys set up outside for some water fun! Our friends loved to cool off in the water and splash and play! 


Next week's schedule will be the following:

Monday: Regular School Day
Tuesday: Color Festival! (please bring clothes that can get dirty)
Wednesday: Water Day (please bring swimsuit, towel, and swim diapers if needed)
Thursday: Field Day
Friday: Regular School Day




Because Wednesday was a regular school day, we continued the fun on Thursday. We had some little furry/feathery visitors come visit! There was a petting zoo set up on the playground with pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and a little sheep. The friends were enthralled by them and loved holding the animals. We also had a pony ride that was very exciting for the kids. 

Friday we watched the movie, Ferdinand. We had a popcorn machine brought to school and had some yummy popcorn while we watched the movie in our pajamas! It was fun to see all the kids get excited for the popcorn machine, and how the light inside it changes colors! 

We are so excited for what the rest of the summer will bring! 

Summer Camp Weeks 4-6!

We have been super busy having the best summer over here at BMM! 

Week 4 Theme- "Bolt"

The Dazzle Dogzz (Pocahontas, Zuni, Sundance, and Apache) came to show us their amazing tricks for week 4. The dogs played tether ball, did Frisbee tricks, jumped high and over obstacles, played "Jack in the Box", had a golf game, shot some hoops, and even showed us that they know how to recycle. The kids were completely mesmerized by the dogs and even got to go up and pet them after the show. We watched "Bolt" and made our own dog crafts during Ms. Kayla's art class.  

This week was also the last week for 2 of our friends who moved to California. They were so thoughtful and brought us pizza so we could have a pizza party on their last day. 

Week 5 Theme- "Princess and the Frog"

We had a break for Independence Day so it was a short week but it was fun filled! Paul Brewer from Utah Magic came to perform a magic show. He was so funny and even turned a stuffed animal bunny into a real bunny! We also had Riverton City's firemen from station 124 come this week. The firemen taught us not to be scared of them, about their job, and how to "stop, drop, and roll". We even got to go inside of their firetruck! Water day was also a huge hit this week. 


Week 6 Theme- "Inside Out"

Part of your World Princess Parties is absolutely amazing and have been visiting BMM's summer camps since we opened. This week they brought us "Joy" from the movie "Inside Out". She taught us all about our emotions through a fun & interactive story, play her ukulele while singing and dancing with us, and even let us ride in her wagon "Bing Bong". The friends loved watching "Inside Out" while enjoying popcorn, making a Joy craft, and learning about all of Joy's friends (Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust).    

Summer Camp Weeks 1-3!

Our "Magical Kingdom" Summer Camp has been a blast so far!

For the first week our theme was "Home on the Range" and Ivie Acre Farm brought their petting zoo to BMM! The kids got to spend time with baby goats, lambs, mini pigs, ducks, geese, bunnies, and even got to ride a pony. We watched the movie "Home on the Range" and did some fun farm animal art projects. 

Our theme for the second week was "Brave" and Merida came to visit. Merida told a story about going on a bear hunt, let us shoot her bow and arrow, and sang some songs and danced around with us. We watched the movie "Brave" and made a special arrow craft. 

This week has been all about vehicles! The theme is "Cars" and it has been a hit! We watched the movie "Cars" yesterday and today we got to paint with matchbox cars. We also have the Unified Fire Department coming to show off their fire truck and teach us about what firemen do. 

Next week's theme is "Bolt" and we are super excited for the dog show on Friday. 

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Wow, we sure have an amazing community! BMM raised $500 from parents to put together an awesome week for our teachers. We are so humbled to see how many parents donated to the TAW jar- it really shows how much our teacher's are loved and appreciated. Ms. Morgan, our aftercare director, put together a gift for each teacher each day last week! Here are the gift they recieved: 

  • Monday- Chick-Fil-A Catered Lunch
  • Tuesday- "You're a scent-sational teacher!" gift with a candle & treats
  • Wednesday- "Mani thanks for for a toe-totally awesome school year!" gift with nail polish and a manicure set
  • Thursday- "It's so refreshing to have a great teacher like you!" gift with a tumbler, treats, and a Swig giftcard
  • Friday- "Hands down you're the best teacher around!" gift with hand soap and a bath bomb    
  • Everyone also got 2 cute BMM shirts 

A million thanks to all of the awesome parents to make this all possible!! We are blessed to have the best teachers around :)